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My approach to my job as a State Representative is the same as it has always been during my many years in public office.

This job is a matter of Trust.

I hold your public trust as you have given it to me and I act to carry out this job in a way that earns your trust in return.

I am elected to work with all my colleagues, Democrats and Republicans alike, party and politics aside; and I do.  I study the issues; listen to those invested in those issues; and work together with all who have an interest to secure the best consensus and pragmatic solutions to the problems we face.

I first ran for this job to make a difference working for you as your:

Constituent Services Advocate,
working with every resident in need on an individual basis to break down the sometimes seemingly impenetrable and confusing barriers of bureaucracy that stand between you and the government benefit or help you need and deserve, as I have done for people waiting weeks to simply collect an honestly earned unemployment check.  This has been a most demanding part of the job during my term of office as the recession increased the demands for government assistance to simply survive.

Community Partner,
working with our community leaders in the towns I represent and coordinate with them on matters important to the community. That may involve advocating for aid to education, policy goal development and implementation, transportation and intersection improvements, grant assistance, and coordination with our federal and state officials, as I have done to slow and modify the EPA mandated storm water runoff regulations that will cost our communities tens of millions of dollars if not modified.

to author and advocate for legislation and budget priorities that will make the lives of the people I represent  better as I did when taking the lead on increasing our commitment to adult day health programs by ten million dollars in the budget.

You will see some of what I have worked on these past eight years on the pages of this web site.  As always, I welcome your input and advice and look forward to continuing my work with and for you.

I ask for your continued support in the Primary on September 9th and the general election on November 4th.

Very Truly Yours,




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